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Nycal 1825R15F4H Bk-598 Approved Under GMW16801

January 2013

General Motors recently approved Nycal™ 1825R15F4H Bk-598 under the newly created GMW16801 specification.  This flame retardant compound is based on polyamide 6 (PA6) reinforced with 15% glass fiber and is designed to deliver superior flame retardant performance to meet GM’s new standards for under-hood components.  Part of the performance benefit involves the use of state-of-the-art flame retardant technology for PA6 that eliminates harmful synergists, off-gassing and environmental issues associated with traditional FR technologies for PA6.   In addition, the formulation allowed color matching to GM standards, lighter weight and improved processing.  Evaluated against numerous competitive materials, Nycal™ 1825R15F4H Bk-598 was found to offer the performance necessary to literally “define the category” for GM.